Damon Salvatore (salvatoresin) wrote,
Damon Salvatore

For willneversayyes

Considering that the last new person to show up to the Council had been John Gilbert, Damon wasn't exactly looking forward to new introductions.  But, his interest was piqued; the man was apparently not related to Mystic Falls' founding families at all, and given how keen their little group was on this whole bloodline thing, he was a little interested.  Although, he supposed they were potentially in danger of ruining the whole village mob vibe they had going on.

He slid over with an easy smile when the man walked in.  Well.  Certainly nicer on the eyes than John -- not as if that was particularly difficult, admittedly. He offered his hand with a lift of an eyebrow, all charm laid on thick as he usually was when he was here playing nice, a distraction from that predatory nature that curled even in how he moved.

"Damon Salvatore.  You must be Sam."
Tags: crossover, rp, sam/damon, spn, willneversayyes
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