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Considering that the last new person to show up to the Council had been John Gilbert, Damon wasn't exactly looking forward to new introductions.  But, his interest was piqued; the man was apparently not related to Mystic Falls' founding families at all, and given how keen their little group was on this whole bloodline thing, he was a little interested.  Although, he supposed they were potentially in danger of ruining the whole village mob vibe they had going on.

He slid over with an easy smile when the man walked in.  Well.  Certainly nicer on the eyes than John -- not as if that was particularly difficult, admittedly. He offered his hand with a lift of an eyebrow, all charm laid on thick as he usually was when he was here playing nice, a distraction from that predatory nature that curled even in how he moved.

"Damon Salvatore.  You must be Sam."
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It hadn't taken Bobby long to figure out something was going on in Mystic Falls. After all, he made a point of paying close attention to "animal attacks", particularly when they happened repeatedly in the same place. So as soon as he was sure there was a case, he'd called Sam.

The younger Winchester got in contact with the Sheriff immediately, not hiding behind any pretenses. He told her he knew something supernatural was happening in Mystic Falls, and he wanted to help. She gladly took him up on his offer, meeting with him privately before the meeting to test him with vervain and fill him in on the town's history. Sam was surprised to hear that the eldest of each of the founding families knew about vampires, holding a secret council amongst themselves when the town was in danger.

Sam followed Sheriff Forbes into the Council meeting, keeping his expression blank as all eyes turned to him. He knew outsiders weren't supposed to be involved, but he'd assured the Sheriff that he had plenty of experience and could help them.

He didn't expect to be approached so quickly, but as soon as he'd stopped moving, there was a man beside him. A very handsome man at that. But no. Sam couldn't afford to get distracted. Distractions got people killed.

"Sam Winchester," he provided, taking Damon's hand. "Am I the only person here not from a founding family?"

He'd honestly figured the Sheriff had been exaggerating a bit, but all the introductions had last names that she had told him were from the very start of Mystic Falls.
"Bingo," Damon replied as his lips curled into a smirk.  He shook Sam's hand, subtle strength in his fingertips as a glint sparked in his eyes, almost flirtatious.  "And that, makes you interesting."  Or dangerous.  Or both. The fact that Sam was quite attractive didn't help to curb his interest any, either. He was a little bit pickier with men than his tendancy toward any woman or sorority girl with a pretty smile, but the man was all broad shoulders and pretty hazel eyes.

"So, what is it that brings you to Mystic Falls? Word is that you've dealt with these sort of problems before."

The irony of the situation never ceased to amuse him. He loved how much the council loved him, and it was useful being on the list of people to call when they realized there was a vampire problem. Which they were certainly in the midst of at the moment, with the vampires out of the tomb and a number of them were sloppy eaters. He wasn't going to shed any tears for them -- Hell, he might just throw a party. Last thing he needed right now was a bunch of vampires pissed off at him and his brother, but, nothing was ever easy.

The important part was dealing with them, and making sure that the new guy in town didn't prove to be smarter than the rest of the Council, pretty face or not. Being charming was one of his best defenses, and a good way to find out more about the guy. He loved when he got to mix business and pleasure.
"Yeah, it's kind of a family business," he said, attention never fully on Damon. He was trying to get an idea of what each Council member was like, wanting to know who he would be able to trust. The mayor's wife seemed to be particularly interested in him, and though it was usually Dean's move, Sam knew it would be smart to act on that. "It's not my first time dealing with vampires, but these are different than ones I've seen before. Weaker than ones I've seen, hopefully."

He'd never come across a vampire with a weakness other than dead man's blood, and vervain was much easier to come by legally. As far as he was concerned, these vampires should be easier to find and kill than any he'd come across before. Sheriff Forbes had supplied him with more than enough vervain for his stay, and he'd spent his whole life lying his way into people's good graces. This would be no exception.

"Who's that?" he asked, nodding his head toward a man who's gaze never strayed far from Damon. And it wasn't a kind gaze at that. He looked...wary of him, and it was enough to put Sam's guard back up.
Family business made him think that Sam probably heralded from some sort of variation on the Founding Families. Raised with a heart full of hate for creatures like him and taught how to kill them. That bit about having encountered other sorts of vampires was interesting. He'd never heard that there were other kinds of vampires, but with the past hundred forty-five years spent searching for a way to get to Katherine, it wasn't as if he'd really been looking.

"Really? I didn't know there were other sorts of vampires. What are the ones like that you've encountered before?"

It didn't hurt to know these things; could never tell when it might be useful. And talking vampire-killing shop seemed to be a good way to charm his way through these sort of people. That, vervain, and his obvious sex appeal, anyway. He looked in the direction that the man indicated, catching the gaze that John had fixed on him. Neither of them were particularly subtle about their dislike, but the rest of the Council seemed to chalk it up to John being a douchebag, which was a relief.

"John Gilbert. He's something of a jerk, I wouldn't be offended if he doesn't like you, he doesn't seem to trust anyone that wasn't born and raised in Mystic Falls."

He flashed John a smile, with only a hint of that desire to tear his heart out through his rib cage. He was trying to play nice. As nice as he could with someone that wanted him dead and knew what he was and was playing with the same group of hunters he was.
"Well they were virtually immune to sunlight, for starters."

Sam had been shocked to hear the Council was so surprised about vampires being able to walk around in the day. The vampires his father had shown him and Dean had been barely bothered by it at all.

"And the only thing that weakens them is dead man's blood," he added. "Get it inside them and they're as good as drugged. But from what the Sheriff tells me, vervain has the same effect." He was interested to learn more about vervain; how extensive its effects were, what forms it took, how to use it to weaken a vampire. It all seemed important for working the case in Mystic Falls. "But the only way to kill them is to take off their heads. Anything else and they heal." That seemed to be the major difference between Mystic Falls' vampires and the ones he'd come across before.

Sam snorted a bit at Damon's words. He knew how that was. There were very few people you could trust as a Hunter if you wanted to survive.

"I don't get offended easily," he said. "And him liking me isn't all that important."
"Sounds like a bitch. They have the same sort of abilities, just harder to kill? Ouch."

If that was the case, Damon might be a little bit jealous. Just a little bit, that way it flared just a touch when an older vampire pushed him around. If the guy was used to fighting creatures like that, he was definitely someone that Damon didn't want on the trail of he and his brother. Hopefully, the could deal with the dust baskets that had crawled out of the crypt, and then Sheriff Forbes would blow the all clear, and tall dark and handsome would leave town. Maybe not before Damon figured out if he wanted to play those sort of games with him or not.

"Speaking of Vervain, I trust the Sheriff supplied you with some. Wouldn't want you to fall under their spell when it sounds like you'll definitely be an asset in keeping the town safe."

Damon was a very good liar; it was the only way he was able to say these sort of things with a straight face, really. It would never fool John, seeing as he knew better, but as long as the man kept his sniping to subtle words and dirty looks, Damon had bigger problems to worry about.

"Yeah, she gave me some. And that reminds me," he said, the thought just occurring to him. "The Sheriff said something about Compulsion? What is that?" Sam had never heard of anything like that before, and the idea of vampires being able to control a human's mind was a little terrifying.

Sam, while pleased with Damon's friendliness, wasn't going to be sucked in that easily. He didn't have the best track record with past relationships, and he wasn't going there this time. And definitely not with a dark mysterious stranger. Regardless of how sexy he might be.

"Know a good place to eat around here?" he asked once the meeting had adjourned. It sounded more like an invitation than he'd intended, but he was pretty hungry, and he wanted a chance to scope out the town.
"What it sounds like, sadly. Unless you're touching vervain or have it in your bloodstream, they can have you playing hopscotch on the interstate."

There was that way his eyebrows drew together, a slight frown that tugged at the corners of his lips as if this was unfortunate, despite the fact that it was one of his favorite toys. It made most people so much more tolerable to be around; and while Stefan might be all blah-blah people not puppets, Damon thought there were few things more fun than a night with a bottle of good scotch, and a couple of compelled sorority girls.

The meeting passed, mostly focused on introductions and catching Sam up to speed on the current situation in town as best as they understood it. People filed out, which left Damon another opportunity to play up being charming and friendly with the new guy, and potentially a chance to find out a little bit more about him.

"The Mystic Grill. The food's pretty decent and they've got a bar with strong drinks, too."

That smile curled into more of a smirk at the last part, as he was rather fond of his liquor. But, he seemed to have that in common with everyone else on the Founders' Council.

"Why don't I show you?"
Sam had no tangible reason to object, so he shrugged lightly in acquiescence. Maybe having someone who knew the town with him would help him scope out possible threats. The Council seemed nice enough, but it was clear they hadn't dealt with vampires before in their lifetimes. The younger Winchester seemed like the most capable among them.

"Lead the way," he said with a sweep of his arm toward the door. He didn't know why Damon seemed so keen to stay near him, but it was more than enough to make the Hunter suspicious. And he'd rather keep a close eye on suspicious people.

He followed Damon into the heart of Mystic Falls, eyes never staying in one spot for long. He was trying to keep track of every building they passed, wanting to have a basic mental layout of the town. Once they got inside, however, he allowed himself to put his full attention into his companion.

"How long have you been in town?" he asked, curious. Salvatore was the name of a founding family, but Damon had mentioned John Gilbert not liking people who weren't born in Mystic Falls, which implied that he hadn't lived there his whole life. That in and of itself made Sam suspicious. The founding families seemed to stay very closely involved in Mystic Falls, and he couldn't imagine why one of them would just leave.
Damon flagged himself down a scotch and a booth with ease once they were inside. The Grill was as it usually was, bustling with people, laughter and conversation, the clink of pool balls echoing from the back. It was almost the only hot spot in town, and so of course anyone looking for a good time ended up here, from highschoolers to the members of the Founders Council.

"I've only been back to Mystic Falls about eight months."

Which was a slight exaggeration. John strolling into town and knowing all about him had Damon a little bit more cautious than usual, but not at the expense of fun. Just the last thing he needed was the new guy in town getting overly curious and putting together that the recent attacks had started when he'd shown up and getting the Council pointed in a different direction than where he wanted them.

"You want a drink?"

Damon questioned, a lift of an eyebrow as he swirled the liquid in his glass.
"Back?" he asked, curious. "Did you live here before?"

Damon wasn't the only one who wanted to know more about the man he just met. Sam had made the mistake of instantly trusting someone who claimed to be on his side before, and he wouldn't make it again. If Damon proved trustworthy, then Sam would let down his guard.

"No, I'm good," he assured at the offer. The only time he really drank was when things weren't going well, and he refused to believe this case would end up like that. He and Dean almost never failed, and Sam was determined to make this a victory as well.

In the low lighting of the Mystic Grill, Damon looked even more dark and mysterious than he had when he'd first approached the younger Winchester, and Sam knew he should be cautious around the other man. Supernatural creatures had fooled him before.
"A while back. My uncle used to live here, so I'd stop by every now and then in between seeing the more interesting parts of the country. But he left town, and my younger brother is staying here now, so I've decided to settle down for a while."

He shrugged as Sam passed up his offer of alcohol, but Damon didn't let that stop him from sipping at his scotch. A waitress stopped by, giving Damon a rather chilly sort of look that no doubt flagged him as something of a heartbreaker. He ordered with a smile, looking over at Sam casually, though there was still that spark of interest behind his pale blue eyes.

"Pretty much everything's decent. The French fries are surprisingly good, though."

Pretty girls might usually be his flavor, but he liked Sam. Something dark about him, something that made him want to know more about him, as well as a few more carnal desires. It might be impulsive, but Damon was all about impulse.
Sam nodded his understanding at Damon's story. It seemed completely reasonable, but for whatever reason, he found himself suspicious. He'd have to find out more about Damon's uncle before he took it as the truth.

He grinned a bit at the look from the waitress, figuring Damon must be just like his older brother. Dean would get that look a lot more often if they ever visited the same town twice. It was a shame, though. All the attractive guys were straight.

The Hunter considered the other man's words, giving the waitress his trademark smile and asking for an order of fries. He wasn't particularly hungry, but he figured his exploratory gaze would look more innocent if he was eating as his eyes wandered.

"Does the Council have any idea who the attacker could be? Or how many there are?" he asked, turning his attention temporarily to Damon. These were important questions that would gauge how much work he had to do. Hopefully the Council members were more on top of the problem than they first appeared to be.
"Not really, no. This isn't the first time we've had these sorts of problems, but each time before we've managed to deal with it. We don't have anything conclusive yet, but I think there might be more than one of them this time."

Which was to say that he knew there was more than one of them, but it wasn't exactly something he could openly tell the council without there being the question of how he got that information and a host of other things that Damon rather wanted to avoid with people who regularly imbibed vervain. Not to mention that he needed them pointed at the actual problem and not at him. And maybe he was just interested enough in Sam to not want him dead because of misjudging how many there were.

"Really, we can use all the help we can get."

He flashed Sam a charming smile, just a little too intense, that edge of interest that was just beneath the surface. It was a facade he played for the trust it got him with the mayor's wife and the Sheriff, but with Sam it was more genuine.
"You get vampires a lot in Mystic Falls?" he asked, surprised. Usually supernatural creatures were smart enough not to frequent the same areas. Especially when Hunters knew what patterns to look for. Either these vampires were stupid, or they had a game plan.

The idea of that made Sam nervous. Vampires that could control minds were bad enough, but reckless vampires that didn't care about hunting in overly public places? That was worse. They needed to find and kill these vampires before anyone else got hurt.

"That's what I'm here for," he assured, looking away to avoid the strength of his smile. He was only human, after all. "Is there any chance we could find a friendly one? A vampire willing to help us?"

That was the question he'd been holding off on until he'd gotten away from the Council. Unlike the members of the Council, Sam knew better than to assume all vampires were evil. Lenore had more than proved that to him. And it definitely wouldn't hurt to have someone stronger and faster on their side. With the help of a vampire, they might actually have a chance of taking out the dangerous ones.
"A few. There have been two since I've been here, and rumor has it that Mystic Falls had quite the vampire population back in the day."

This, of course, was a bit more serious than that. More than twenty vampires that had been locked up and starved for the last hundred fifty years. They pretty much all had an axe to grind with the founding families and Damon didn't get the feeling that they'd have any issue taking it up with their descendants. And, more importantly, a number of them had an issue with him, and he really wasn't looking forward to any more late-night break ins.

That question took Damon completely by surprise. He'd expected Sam to be much like the founders with their uncaring hate of the supernatural passed down through the generations. There was a slightly shifty look for a moment, and then he was tilting his head to the side, his eyes narrowed as he tried to figure out just what it was that Sam was thinking here. The idea that vampires could be anything less than ravenous killing monsters would never even occur to any of them, and yet here Sam was seemingly asking if there was one that could help them.

"Most of the council would tell you there's no such thing as a helpful vampire, but I'll play along. What are you thinking?"
Sam took in Damon's words, wondering how they managed it. Obviously Virginia didn't have any Hunters of its own if vampires had been in the area for so long. He and Dean would have to scope out the rest of the state just to be sure.

"That's just their biases. I was like that too, once. But a couple years back, a vampire named Lenore proved to me that not being human didn't make someone evil." Dean had thought he was crazy at first, but they'd been right to spare her life. She was a vampire, yes, but not evil.

"They're stronger. Faster. The way I see it, having one on our side could only help. You said it yourself. We could use all the help we can get."
Damon was quiet a moment, eating his french fries as he silently debated his options here. If he took what the man said at face value, and not as cleverly disguised suspicion, he might have an ally in trying to get the council pointed where he needed them. Someone he could let in on just how bad the Evil Vampires Out To Get You problem was. The hypocrisy of turning Sam in as not being truly devoted was a bit much, but he wasn't crossing any options off his list just yet.

Either way, if they were going to be having this sort of conversation, they really shouldn't be having it in the grill, where with Damon's luck, the mayor's wife would stroll up at entirely the wrong time and Damon would find himself in the middle of exactly the sort of trouble that he was trying to avoid. He killed the last of his scotch, lifting an eyebrow as he looked at Sam, meeting the hunter's gaze.

"Not sure if I'm sold on this idea of yours or not, but, either way we shouldn't be talking about it here. We could stop by my place after."

He grinned, that offer equal parts seduction, and the fact of wanting to avoid the potential for that awkward moment where he needed Sam to invite him in when Sam knew exactly what that meant.
Sam considered the offer. He was way more equipped to handle an attack than any other member of the Council would have been, but he didn't feel threatened. Sure, Damon triggered some of his Hunter instincts, but none of his self-preservation ones. He had no reason to think the other man wanted to harm him.

Putting money on the table, Sam stood, returning Damon's smile with one of his own. Damon might have had charm on his side, but Sam was flat out good looks, and he knew it showed best when he smiled. Two could play at the seduction game, though neither one seemed likely to give in easily. He knew it would come down to a battle of wills, and he was determined to win.

"You walk and I'll follow," he said, giving the impression he was giving up control. Damon seemed like the kind of guy that would get off on that.
Damon rather liked Sam so far, and had a slight interest in keeping him intact. Which wasn't to say that Damon wouldn't kill him if it came down to it, because he would, but that definitely wasn't where his interest lay. He was definitely attractive, and Damon was more interested in pleasure than pain.

The smile that Sam flashed him just cemented that, a certain spark to his eyes and the way his mouth curved that just accented how attractive he was. Damon wasn't used to losing when it came to seduction; it had been a cool few decades since anyone had managed that, but he was more than willing to play the game and see just how things ended up. He left some money on the table for his fries and led the way out onto the street.

Thankfully, with this being Mystic Falls, even their house wasn't that far away from the small strip that housed Mystic Grill and the small scattering of businesses. He turned with a flourish as they came up to the front steps, a grin as his hand touched the doorknob, pale blue eyes watching Sam intently.

"..And here we are."

He opened the door, stepped smoothly into the entryway, and waited for Sam to follow after him.
Sam had been cautious when Damon first approached him at the meeting, but now all he could bring himself to be was interested. There was a note of danger in his smile that was contradicted by his words, and all the Hunter could think about was figuring out how the other man ticked. After all, he couldn't hunt until he had more information, and Damon was definitely a pleasant distraction.

He followed Damon through the heart of Mystic Falls, again taking in which buildings were where. The second time through was enough to cement the town's layout in his head, and by the time they'd reached Damon's home, his full attention was back on the other man.

"I can see how this used to be a boarding house," he said, marveling a bit at the size of it before stepping into the house beside Damon. He'd done his research on the town, after all, and now he was glad for the information he'd collected. Especially since the citizens seemed about as welcome of newcomers as the Council. "It's just you and your brother here?"
"Just the two of us. It's a big place, but I can't say I mind. Makes it easier to ignore his highschool romance."

He led Sam into the house, letting the door close behind them as he led Sam into the sitting room. Just finally fixed after having vampires breaking in through the windows; thanks be to the Salvatore fortune and just how industrious humans could be when large amounts of money were involved. He poured himself a glass of scotch, taking a seat on the couch and beckoning Sam over. He would offer him a drink, but the man had made it rather clear he wasn't interested. Of course there were other sorts of indulgences.

"So, tell me more about this idea of yours. Find a vampire that isn't solely interested in the blood pumping through your veins and get them to help kill off it's own all while keeping the rest of the Council out of the loop?"

He arched an eyebrow at the man, a curve of his lips. He was very interested, of course, but for the moment he was going to drink his scotch and play dubiously interested until he was certain that Sam meant it and that his plot didn't end with killing off those nice, helpful vampires.
Sam followed Damon further into the house, still admiring the size of it. He and his family had never been wealthy, even before the fire, and the younger Winchester wasn't used to the elegance that the Salvatore home exuded. Sitting on the other end of the couch, Sam turned his full attention to the other man, hoping he could get Damon to understand. The man he'd pegged to be the most open-minded of the Council still seemed skeptical.

"Lenore, the vampire I told you about, was different from any other supernatural creature my brother and I had ever met. Back then, Dean and I never stopped to talk to the things we hunted. We just found them and killed them. That's the way our father raised us. Not human meant evil, with no exceptions."

Sam's fingers toyed with a loose thread on his jeans, a frown settling on his face at the memory. It had never occurred to any of them that there were creatures out there that weren't evil. Creatures that just wanted to live and be left alone. And if they weren't hurting people, who were they to deny them that?

"Another hunter captured and tortured her, too biased to care that she hadn't hurt anyone. He cut me, trying to prove that she was just as much a monster as any vampire we'd met before. But she fought back the hunger. God, the look on Gordon's face was priceless. He still wanted to kill her, but my brother and I made sure she got away."

He wasn't sure why he was telling Damon this whole backstory. The other man had asked about his idea, not why he'd had it in the first place. But something told him that telling Damon everything that happened would prove that his idea was genuine.

"The way I see it, if vampires have been in Mystic Falls for as long as you say, there have to be ones that just live in the town. Ones that care about the town, and don't want to see it torn to pieces by these new vampires who are only out for blood. All we'd need is one. And if they're a local, the Council wouldn't think anything of us talking to them. The rest we can figure out once we've found one who'll help us."
Listening to Sam's story, Damon found himself swayed. Sure, it was probably the wrong decision, but that was usually his shtick anyway. And Sam really did seem to believe in the whole vampires could be good people too thing. Honestly, Stefan would probably be more up to playing the part of the moralistic vampire, but given everything else, he'd address that when they got to it. Exposing one of them was enough until he had a bit more to go on than just a nice story and a pretty face.

"Alright. You've got a point. I suppose I can trust you."

He grinned impishly, shifted, leaned a little closer, his eyes bright and sharp and almost predatory as he looked Sam over. It would be a pain if he had to vervain-detox him so he could strip him of his memory of this.

"I wasn't being entirely forthcoming when I said we were dealing with more than one. There are twenty-six vampires that are all survivors of an attempt by the founding families to rid the town of vampires in eighteen sixty-four."

He eyed Sam, trying to gauge just what sort of conclusions he was drawing, if he appreciated just how much trouble the town with its Founder's parties was in. So far there hadn't been too many confirmed vampire attacks, but Damon didn't expect that to last, not with the sort of vampires that had broken in the other night around.

"Obviously, they're not here for the french fries."
Sam's eyes went wide at Damon's admission, realizing for the first time how dangerous this case would be. Vampire nests tended to be ten strong at the most, and the town was in far more trouble than he'd expected.

"Damon, we have to warn the Council. If the founding families tried to kill all these vampires, they're going to want revenge. Anyone with the last name of a founder is in danger."

Not that the rest of the town was off the hook. He'd discovered over the years that creatures out for revenge would achieve it by any means necessary. The bad guys didn't care about collateral damage, especially when they'd spent more than a hundred years only caring about revenge.

It took him a second to remember that both Damon and his brother were members of a founding family, and he was abruptly more concerned than he had been before. Sam had a weakness for caring about people, and it seemed to have already extended to the Salvatore brothers.

"Is there somewhere safe you can send your brother?" he asked. If Dean had tried to do the same to him, Sam would have been furious. But Damon's brother was just a teenager, and he knew from experience that older brothers fought better when they weren't worried about their younger siblings.


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